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View on the Pico de Teide

In June 2003 we went for bike holidays in Tenerife. On this page we summarize our experiences about mountain biking on this island. Topics are:

All data supplied here is valid for summer 2003. Most likely, there will be only very view updates on this page in future. For questions please send an email to Ralf.

Have fun

Kirsten & Ralf

Tenerifian style of MTB

Tenerifian style of mountain biking

Tenerife is a perfect place for mountain biking. At least 90% of the islands surface constists of dramatic hills, rocky mountains and impressive volcanos, gently arranged around the all overlooking, 3715m high crater Pico de Teide, the third largest volcano above sea level in the world. Beautiful vistas above the clouds and colorful rocks climax this gorgeous island.

The clime on the "Island of eternal spring" allows Mountain biking all around the year, although in winter you should be very well prepared for some snow and cold. Even in summer the high altitude and very special local weather makes you carrying your wind braker all the time !

There are very pleasant routes around; from the easy levels up to extreme. In many parts you will find at least a basic signposting. But be prepared to do quite a bit of navigation, as there seems to be no reliable mapping available by today. We did 5 tours, which all were quite nice.


The island is not too big, though it consist of some very different biking areas:

    Panoram on the sea below and the hills above Masca. In the background on can spot the island Gomera.
  • Teno mountains and Monta˝as negras: the most interesting area for bikers; challanging trails; dramtic views on rocks, cliffs and canyons as well as exotic jungles, frozen lava streams and craters; good access from Puerto Cruz area as well as from the tourist spots surrounding Los Cristianos.
  • Map of Tenerife indicating the areas of our 5 bike tours.
  • Parc National del Teide: the area around El Pico de Teide; biking only allowed on one paved road; meager, but colorful moon landsacpes above 2000m; good access from Puerto Cruz area as well as from the tourist spots surrounding Los Cristianos
  • Orotava valley and Esperanza: mainly easy biking on numerous dirt roads; beautiful forrests with gorgeous outlooks to the coast and surrounding islands; rather stay in Puerto Cruz area for easy access
  • Tanaga mountains : we haven't been there; rather stay in Puerto Cruz area for easy access


Coming soon. (Taks care of your car etc.)


  1. Internet: list of web sites with mountainbike tours in Tenerife

  2. Book: "Mountainbiken auf den Kanarischen Inseln"
    Michael Leibl. Delius-Klasing, Siekerwall 21, D-33602 Bielefeld, 2002.

    Covers almost all of the Canary Islands. 30 rides (only 9 for Tenerife). Including profiles, classifications, overview maps, detailed descriptions. German. Good refernece book for a one week bike holiday. Up to date routes, but take care, the first edition has quite some bugs in the descriptions. The steps in the classification levels are very high: "medium" means gentle, difficult means already very difficult.

  3. Book: "Mountainbiking Teneriffa"
    Andreas Haas. Meyer&Meyer Verlag, Von-Coels-Stra▀e 390, D-52080 Aachen, 1997.

    More than 30 routes, which cover the whole Tenerife. German. Good and high-quality descriptions, but take care: the book is already old, some routes have changed. In addition, the author seems to be a very good mountain biker and describes mainly very hard routes. The book is not on regular sale any more. Nevertheless, Amazon was able to sell a used copy to me.

  4. Map: "Teneriffa"
    Scale 1:50000. Kompass Verlag.

    Be careful: the quality of Kompass maps is not very high in general. But this map in on the lower end of the scale: lots of big forrest roads are missing in this map; the names of the asphalted routes are completely wrong; the names of the places in the map very often do not match in any way with the names found on local signpostings. Nevertheless it is good for basic orientation. Not very many other detailed maps are currently available (the old spanish military maps seem to be absolutely out of date, the austian map available i did not check)

  5. Bike rentals and guided tours:

    We decided to rent bikes on the island, instead taking our own bikes. Reason: airlines charge about Euro 40 per bike for the transport, one week rental of a good quality, up-to date Fully is Euro 80. In order to get a quick start, we went for a guided tour the first day, in order to get acustomed Tenerifian mountainbiking.

  6. Diga-Sports, Playa de las Americas.

    Waiting for a guided tour in Villaflor.

    We booked and rented two bikes in this shop via Internet. The bikes we got the first day, were not very well maintained, one had major security issues. After complaining, I got a Scott G-Zero, a nice and alomst new bike, which made a good partner for all of our tours, worthwhile the money. We also booked a guided tour for the first day. It was a nice and easy tour, but not worth the money (tour is described in both books mentioned above, no additional local information was given by bike guide). The rest of the week we went on our own without problems.

  7. Mountainbike Active , Puerto de la Cruz.

  8. Teneriffa aktiv, Puerto de la Cruz.

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