In Spring 2000 my friend Uli invited me to a test ride on his new road runner. Riding his light weight, high tech machine, I was really amazed about feeling the acceleration, produced by my own muscles. Prior to that time, I had used bikes only as a mean of urban transportation and for a few asphalt stretches.

I immediately decided, that I also want to ride such a power gear. But being an outdoor freak, I was not keen on inhaling a lot of the exhaust or listening to the sound of by passing vehicles, so I went for a Mountain bike. For the time being, a hardtail was the affordable choice.

Shopping around for some experienced fellows to ride with, I hit M97, the bike community of the "Deutsche Alpenverein" in Munich. There I was able to pick some basic skills and met a lot of bikers on my level. By that time I started to document my favorite rides and list of cool rides around the world. In March 2002, I joined a gorgeous Bike adventure in Morocco; in August we went to Sardinia, in June 2003 to Teneriffa.

Currently Mountain Biking is my favorite sports, which is my motvation beeing a bike Guide at the M97. Last yeasr I bought a new bike and since then had nice mike adventures in Sardinia and the US.